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Find your nearest location. It's illegal to drive your vehicle on the road if it doesn't meet the WoF requirements and doesn't display a valid WoF sticker. Get a reliable Warrant of Fitness WoF inspection from the experts.

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We'll provide an independent assessment of your car's safety. These requirements are defined and monitored by NZTA. View the full list of requirements on the NZTA website. Once your car passes the Warrant of Fitness WoF inspection, you're required to keep it in this condition. The frequency of the check depends on when your car was first registered. There are inspection areas not covered under the WoF.

If you're purchasing or selling a vehicle we recommend that you reduce your risk and get an independent evaluation of the vehicles condition at time of purchase. Visit the AA Location Finder. What is a Warrant of Fitness WoF? A Warrant of Fitness is a regular check to ensure your car is safe to drive on the road.

Read more about Warrant of Fitness checks.

How soon can you see my car? Where possible we will fit you in or organise a booking for you. We will generally be able to book your car in on the same or the next day. How long will the WoF inspection take? The WoF inspection will take between minutes.

You can wait and have a free coffee or tea in our comfortable waiting area or you can drop your car off. What is checked in a WoF inspection? The Warrant of Fitness inspection includes tyre condition, brake operation, structural condition, lights, doors and windows, windscreen washers and wipers, safety belts and airbags, speedometer, steering and suspension and exhaust and fuel system. What if my car fails?

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VTNZ are trying to find some value-add for their business do you want fries with that? A lot of motorists would probably appreciate the extra option. I am not sure about waiting "at least an hour" for the oil to settle. It's not that critical that a few drops trapped here or there will make a noticeable difference.

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I don't like the idea of just dumping a litre in as a guess however, not unless they have some specific knowledge on the oil volumes in the particular model. Should be added gradually and then checked before adding more.

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Gents, you did read the final part where I mentioned that I checked the oil level afterwards and it is where it should be, right? And adding an extra 1L of oil into a tiny cc engine which likely tops up at 3. When the oil is hot I don't think there'd be that much difference in level after a few minutes drain down. The issue is whether the customer agreed to "maintenance" checks as well as WOF probably at extra cost and whether the level being down actually needs topping up.

Some cars get a complete change before the level drops much. I usually check the level waiting at the petrol pump. Leaving it several months is asking for trouble. I imagine the average little old lady who brings in her Audi is going to just agree to whatever the nice VTNZ person is saying Mark: Hmmm If in doubt a simple "no thanks" is an easy solution. Agree with oil level being at the full mark, not below.

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Hot oil is generally thinner than cold oil so will drain back to the sump relatively quickly. As mentioned above, a few minutes should get it close enough. I doubt there would be a full litre still hiding in the engine after much longer than that though. Filling above the mark is also not a huge issue if you know what you are doing. When racing a Subaru you always add an extra litre above the full mark to reduce the chance of oil surge. Obviously way over is going to cause problems though.

I would always tend to decline the offer of a top up. For one car because of the specific oil type and grade it's running, and the other because I don't want to be paying the workshop premium for the oil when I will generally get it on special and have a container or so kicking around at home anyway.

Good on them for noticing and bringing it to the attention of the owner though. Prevention is far better than cure in this case.

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It's a very big problem in some engines. It really depends how much over, as a proportion of standard capacity. An extra half-litre in a a Lamborghini V12, that has a standard capacity of 13L, is not really a big deal.