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This means that the illegal block drops when my phone is off, and reinstated shortly after the phone is back on. Can't look up anything online, and most FB messenger messages do not get delivered until I am within Wi-Fi range again. This has made me look like an ass on several occasions, for instance, I was at a club in Flint for a friends birthday party, I started feeling ill so I sent my friend a FB messenger text letting him know I was leaving, after six hours of sleep, I woke up and found that my text was not delivered.

Once I turned the Wi-Fi on, the message went through and my friend thought I was all rude six hours earlier and left without letting him know. Earlier this year in Flint, I was at an event that was giving away growing supplies, I messaged several friends, and the messages did not go through until I was within Wi-Fi range.

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So I had to explain to them that I sent it four hours earlier. One friend drove to the location I provided in the message and the event had been over for a while. In summer , on a 98 degree day, my vehicle ran out of gas and I had no phone service. The phone said "not registered on network". Could not call insurance, an officer had to.

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In Prescott where I live, there were seven power outages in and four in Twenty minutes after each power outage, my phone would become useless. It would say "not registered on network". The text at the top left of the phone would switch from showing nothing, to "Metro by T-Mobile", to, Completely insane! So, during an emergency, my phone becomes useless, can't send or receive texts or calls.

Naturally T-Mobile could not offer me an explanation so I had to do their work for them. I discovered that there was, and still is, only one cell tower within a decent range of my home in Prescott.

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So how the heck was I told that there was "excellent" coverage? Every time my area lost power, the cell towers power needed to be cut off while Consumers Energy worked on the grid, which explained why it took my phone twenty minutes to become useless after an outage began. In most other areas, during a power outage, a customer would be rerouted to the next nearest cell tower automatically and almost instantly while totally oblivious. In order for coverage to be called "excellent" it needs to be redundant. Are both networks running through that single cell tower nearest me?

Do phone companies help other phone companies in a crisis by picking up slack? MetroPCS customer service is pathetic. The first three customer rep tickets that were supposedly made regarding my case ended up vanishing from their records. I wrote the ticket numbers down, and had the audio recordings of the reps providing me the ticket numbers. When each ticket was created, I was told someone would contact me within business days.

Never happened. I have had a dozen tickets since the first three and they seem to stick now, but when MetroPCS calls, the number looks like one of the many spam calls I get each day, and MetroPCS does not leave a voicemail. If MetroPCS can send me texts labeled as "", then why not have followup calls from customer service show "" or "metroxxx" on the caller ID? You know, One of the most nasty tactics that MetroPCS uses is the pointless network resets and cell tower parings, among others that they claim requires a restart and keeping your phone off for over thirty minutes.

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Have done it dozens of times for them and it never helps anything. The thirty minute thing is a way for them to not have to deal with you for a half hour, and hopefully you give up, go to bed, or the problem solves itself. We are in the future, if two people can talk in real time with a planet between them, then no changes should take thirty minutes to propagate through a network.

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Most of the time, dealing with MetroPCS customer service results in loosing your voicemails and the voicemail password, and setting the new password is required before you have access to your voicemail, even if you choose to not use the password, utterly ignorant. Something as simple as setting the password takes ten times longer than it should.

The My Metro app is wack. When you click any other contact in your list, you can place a call immediately, but clicking "customer care" wastes your time by first opening the myMetro app which takes eight seconds on a good day, then you must click the phone icon at the top right, then click yes. The more inconvenient it is to reach customer service, the less likely it is that people will seek out customer service, resulting in more savings for MetroPCS.

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My most recent call to customer service resulted in strange behavior from the myMetro app. Instead of going directly to the various account information, it said The above image is not from my phone, I neglected to screen capture it myself, but I did snap the next one,