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Our work within animal and crop sciences is restoring value and also exploring ways to naturally enrich foods through improving the animal diet or crop produced. Aureus Pharma Quai de Jemmapes Paris France Aureus Pharma offers custom databases, training, and database management products. Our development programs have been a key source for academic and corporate research and new product development for over two decades. Fundamental expertise in the properties, applications, and cost-effective manufacturing of advanced and engineered materials, including ultra high purity refining American Elements also produces customer proprietary formulations from our network of production facilities worldwide.

Our dedication to the highest possible quality control and lot-to-lot consistency is equally matched by our goal to be at the forefront of creating a sustainable planet that continually moves towards improving the human experience for all mankind.

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Invention is the means of achieving this goal, and American Elements employees are driven to engineer and deliver the basic raw materials of innovation in a socially responsible manner. All we ask of our customers and partners is reflected in two simple words The expertise to farmers and industries A network of engineers and experts present on the national territory ARVALIS Institute plant, applied research organization, product technical and economic references and directly applicable in the agricultural production systems.

Research stations, experimental sites, farms application, laboratories, the Institute has 35 sites located throughout the national territory. The teams are piloting studies at different levels of scale: - the plant: varietal characterization, development of biotechnologies - the plot: technical route; protection; nutrition; implantation techniques, crop protection products or applications. The Institute's jurisdiction covers production techniques, harvesting, storage and preservation as well as the qualitative aspects of productions for all opportunities.

It also offers farmers and technicians operational tools, often computerized, for the conduct of crops.

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  • Our mission is to support each client to implement the best strategy for each project. Fast and predictive screening of the effects of drugs and nutraceuticals on brain health. ArisGen Chemin des Aulx, 14 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva Switzerland ArisGen is a research-based team dedicated to innovation in the field of drug delivery as a way to improve health.

    Biosiris Moulin St Genies Belfort du Quercy, France Biosiris offers protein sequence analysis, protein interaction site prediction, B epitope prediction, and 3D structure determination from peptide sequences. Bioxtal offers molecular biology and purification services E. We produce batches of recombinant proteins with or without fusion tags, labelled protein for NMR, crystallography or imaging for HTS or other applications.

    Bio-Logic 1 rue de l'Europe Claix FR France Bio-Logic offers design and manufacturing for rapid kinetics, spectroscopy, physiology, neuroscience, electrochemistry, and fuel cells. Complying with ISO Quality Standards, the company has been the privileged partner of more than prestigious industrial and academic laboratories for their projects in fundamental research, development of improved diagnostics or generation of promising therapeutic tools. BioProtein Technologies Domain de Vivert Batiment Jouy-en-Josas, France BioProtein Technologies offers protein purification, pharmacology, and human therapeutic proteins and vaccines in transgenic rabbit milk.

    These markers enzymes, substrates,… will allow either a global exploration or a specific analysis of a narrower part of cell metabolism. Using our performant technology, it becomes possible to evaluate the respective impact of each metabolism in cell behavior and to compare precisely cell function in a longitudinal manner. Biochemikon services cover the full spectrum from standard methods through to cutting-edge custom approaches developed using latest biological insights and specially developed new assays. BIOalternatives 1 bis rue des plantes F Gencay France Committed since to developing effective in vitro alternative methods to animal experimentations, Bioalternatives is a contract research organization specializing in cellular and molecular pharmacology.

    Bioalternatives offers a full range of in vitro and ex vivo solutions for drug discovery human health and veterinary medicine and cosmetic claim substantiation. Borochem Caen, Normandy, France Borochem provides boron building blocks for chemists. Borochem 5 rue Vaubenard, Caen, France Borochem provides boron building blocks for chemists. BMYscreen - delete Cours de l'Argonne, Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine , FR BMYscreen offers state-of-the-art services, to identify key molecules, bioactive compounds or protein, in cells and tissues, that can be targeted or used to improve well-being or health.

    BMYscreen has implemented a technical platform which supports the automatization of miniaturized assays. Using this structure and our long-lasting experience in the field of human health, we have developed a set of services that focused mainly in studying cellular stress pathways activation, measure biomolecular interactions and assess cytotoxicity.

    Parkcenter Blvd. CHP is comprised of faculty and students from the College of Health Sciences and other academic units of the university. In addition, CHP also partners with governmental agencies, non-profits and the private sector in conducting health science research.

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    It is a bank of biological samples and data dedicated for scientific research. Certified ISO and NFS , Biobanque de Picardie is an accredited Biological Resources Center providing quality and traceability services for establishment, conservation and use of biological samples collections. Biobanque de Picardie is a secure repository where biological samples are stored for medical and research purposes. These biological samples are linked to consenting patient relative data.

    Biovays Marseille, France Biovays offers biomarkers, molecular biology, cellular services, fluorescence services, imaging, and genetics. Biogalenys 9 Rue de Pacy Miserey, France Biogalenys offers permeability studies in rat and rabbit as well as in vitro skin, intestine, cornea, mucous membrane and nail models. Specialised in the assessment and validation of your cosmetic and toiletry products. Biotrial rue Jean-Louis Bertrand Rennes France Biotrial offers in vivo studies and safety pharmacology services.

    Biotrial 1, rue Charles Drot B. Boston Scientific is primarily known for the development of the Taxus Stent, a drug-eluting stent which is used to open clogged arteries. Bellen Chemistry is a premier provider of a variety of heterocycles. Our activity is focused on the design and development of novel molecules, intermediates for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. We have excellent track records, as we deliver unrivalled chemical innovation to our customers worldwide.

    Bellen Chemistry has more heterocycles in the company catalog, most of them in stock.

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    We have developed large scale synthesis for many heterocycles. Bellen also does process research manufacturing, custom synthesis, route scouting, medicinal chemistry, and process development FTE. Those services are dedicated to help customers reducing development risk and lowering their costs for chemicals and customer specific process development. BrainPlotting 70 av. The molecules that we study can have CNS targets as well as peripheral targets. Bio4ward 87 Quai des Queyries 87, quai de Queyries Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France Thanks to its network of qualified experts from the industry, Bio4ward proposes custom solutions based on complementary skills addressing the needs of your project.

    Pharma, Biotech, Medical devices… Bio4ward supports start-ups and companies looking for high added value expertise on a temporary or long term basis.

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    Bio4ward is a single point of contact for the support of start-ups and SMEs so that bio-entrepreneurs can focus on their core business, avoid the development pitfalls, and optimise value creation. Bio4ward is a unique combination of: The experience and professionalism from major companies. The start-up culture and pragmatism.

    To the service of innovative life sciences companies.

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    Our technology allows to measure the level of compound efficacy in a fully quantitative manner. Run by a dermatologist specialized in industrial dermocosmetologic developments, Biophyderm's strength lies in its staff. Biophyderm is a multidisciplinary and well-skilled team which has been working for years in a strong collaboration with its partners. In , the firm incorporated Biophymed, a company specialized in developing innovative devices. Biophyderm now has a double proficiency in dermocosmetic assessments and development of scientific devices.

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    Our speciality: biometrology, dermocosmetic assessment and biotechnological innovation. Studies are performed from specific cell lines, obtained after biopsies from leg ulcer, keloids, striae distensia or wrinkles. We are able to obtain cell lines with specific age thanks to collaborations with hospital or private clinics, A leg ulcer that does not heal, the appearance of wrinkles or stretch marks Increasingly the American public is losing faith in a medical system that would seem more CODES At Bio-Alternatives Natural Supplements, we are pleased to offer a great selection of oregano oil, oregano extracts, oregano herbs supplements with high carvacrol content.

    Our wild mountain grown oregano oil is a powerful antimicrobial and is directly imported from the Mediterranean. CODES Bio-Alternative Nutritional supplements is pleased to offer the best alpha lipoic acid with no fillers or flow agents which helps build a healthy liver and eliminate toxic heavy metals. Browse our selection of alpha lipoic acid at great prices here!

    MSM is a natural occurring sulfur compound found in the tissues and fluids of all living organisms. It is known for aiding in joint health but has also been shown to support liver detoxification and provide other health benefits.